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Luxury Mobile Ensuites by Capital Ensuite Hire
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Sometimes your family, business or club could do with an extra bathroom – just for a few days or so. You might be renovating, hosting guests, holding a function. You may want something luxurious, warm and comfortable, a bit like your own bathroom at home. Call Capital Ensuite Hire to learn more about our cost-effective solution to your bathroom blues.

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Luxury Mobile Enuite Shower

Luxury Mobile Enuite Toilet

Latest News

Are you Renovating your Bathroom?
At Capital Ensuite Hire we understand that Bathroom Renovations can take longer than expected. Why Knock on the Neighbours door to use their toilet and shower in the middle of the night. Ouch.
Contact Capital Ensuite Hire to organise the convenience of our Ensuite's delivered to your door!

Having Extra Guests Stay?
Having Extra Guests Staying can be a problem if your existing toilet and shower can't cope. Why not Hire an Luxury Portable Ensuite from Capital Ensuite Hire. We deliver, setup and pickup.

Are you hosting an Out Door Function or Event?
Outdoor Functions and Events are a breeze with the help of an Luxury Portable Ensuite from Capital Ensuite Hire.
Contact Us today for a FREE Information Pack or to make a Hire Booking.

Bathroom Burnt Down? Insurance Claim?
Our Ensuites are regularly being delivered to Insurance Jobs. If you are every faced with the unfortunate situation of needing to call your Insurance Company regarding you Bathroom, Then make sure you demand the best. Make sure you get an Luxury Portable Ensuite from Capital Ensuite Hire.